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I wallet recently got hacked! I lost some funds before having the possibility to react. So I wanted to make sure that you guys know how to minimize the risk of getting hacked and to know how to react if you think your wallet is being compromised. Hackers are making millions by robbing peoples wallets. This seems like a huge number but it’s a reality.

Security mesures :

The first and easiest way to minimize the risk of loosing your funds is to disconnect dapps from your wallet.

Tasks :

  • Click on the three dots (top right)
  • Click on disconnect

Second thing you can do is to revoke every unlimited permission you gave on a dapp. To know which unlimited permissions you gave and revoke these permissions you will have to go to revoke.cash. Revoke.cash allows you to revoke unlimited permissions you gave to a dapp.

Tasks :

The third thing you want to do to secure important amounts of crypto you have with a hardware wallet. As an example when I got hacked one of the only cryptos that remained was on the hardware backed account. The current best hardware wallets are :

Tasks :

  • Buy a hardware wallet. Even if your hardware wallet is cheap it provides the same security.
  • Back your wallet with a hardware wallet.

How to back your wallet with a hardware wallet :

My wallet is compromised :

First scenario :

You have signed a malicious transaction. You have noticed your mistake. As soon as you noticed this go to revoke.cash. If you noticed this a little bit later and the hacker has already started transferring assets to his wallet but you have some funds to save here’s what I would do :

  • Send as quickly as possible your assets to another account or wallet you own. Then go to revoke.cash and revoke all access. If you have many different assets send the native blockchain currency away. The hacker will not be able to send funds to his wallet. Then go to revoke.cash and revoke all access (the transactions to revoke access are cheaper those to send funds).

Second scenario :

The hacker knows your seed phrase. You noticed that. There’s not a lot left to do. Be faster than the hacker to exit your funds from your wallet to another one. This must be a wallet with another seed phrase not another account! The only thing he will not be able to withdraw is what’s on your hardware backed account.

That’s it. I hope you liked this kind of content. Stay safe!




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